MSc. Lobsang Tsering

Ph.D. student


Date of birth:

25. 10. 1987


Education and academic employment:

since 2019 Ph.D. Hydrobiology, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Faculty of Science, Czech Republic

2012 M.Sc. Marine Biology, Pondicherry University, Andaman, India
2010 B.Sc. (Chemistry, Botany and Zoology), Christ College, Bangalore University, India


Research expierence:

Training internship on growth and developmental effect of dragonfly larvae, Anax Imperator by climate change, mainly focusing on temperature. June 2018

Postgraduate training on Observational Oceanography funded by Nippon Foundation-POGO Center of Excellence at Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Germany from November 2013- October 2014.

An Independent project on “Does Climate change induced -ocean acidification affect growth and development on Isopod species, Idotea balthica.” AWI, Sylt Germany.

Deep Sea Coral expedition, SMART-AWI Atlantic Summer School on RV Celtic Explorer  at Belgica Mound Province, Ireland  11th – 17th September 2014  

Marine Associate: SCUBA Diver, Coral Reef Monitoring in Gulf of Oman September 2013-November 2013, Oman.

Research Assistant: Environmental Impact Assessment in the Deep-Sea Benthos, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, India. September 2012 – September 2013.

Master’s project: Phytoplankton diversity and distribution around Port Blair, Andaman Island, Pondicherry University, Port Blair, Andaman Island, January – April, 2012.

Summer Internship: Ichthyofaunal diversity on Rock pool fishes in Goa, West coast of India, NIO, Dona Paula, Goa, May-June, 2011.


Special qualifications:

Personal Survival Training course (PST) from National Maritime College of Ireland, Ireland 10th September 2014.
Certified Open sea underwater diver (2012), Scuba School International (SSI), Havelock Island, Andaman, India
Certified Advance level underwater diver (2012), Scuba School International (SSI), Havelock Island, Andaman, India



De K, Sautya, Mote, S, Tsering L, Patil V, Nagesh R and Ingole B (2015) Is climate change triggering coral bleaching in tropical patchy fringing reef? Current Science, Vol 109, No 8/October 2015
SMART-AWI Atlantic Summer School RV Celtic Explorer Belgeca Mound Province, Ireland, 2014
Tsering L, Pawar H and Sreepada RA (2012) Ichthyofaunal diversity of Rock pool fishes in Goa, West Coast of India. Fishing Chimes Vol 32, No 8/ November 2012
Tsering L (2012) Rock pool fishes of west coast of India. National symposium at Christ University, Bangalore, India

Areas of research interest:

Predatory fish in lake and reservoirs 
Aquaculture and Fishery
Coral reef ecosystem and reef fish ecology