Ing. Jaroslava Frouzová, Ph.D.

research assistant


Date and place of birth:

24. 09. 1965, Prague



Master degree in 1988 – Ing. - University of Agriculture, Prague.;

Ph.D. degree in 2005 - University of  South Bohemia – Department of ecology, Ph.D. thesis “The use of the echosounder for freshwater ecosystems studies”.


Professional career and expertise:

Despite my age the professional scientific career has started in 1998. Until this time I worked in different administrative and managers positions.

My expertise include collection, processing and interpretation of hydroacoustic data, advanced technical and computation skills, selfstarting, ability for team work, managing and leadership of small teams. From 2005 I has also taught on Charles University in Prague (Methods of abundance and biomass estimation and Special methods in ichthyology).


Main research interests:

The research interests include a development of hydroacoustical methodology like measurement of the acoustical size of European freshwater fish in different plane of observation and acoustical size of small underwater objects like fish fry, chaoborus larvae and gas bubbles. Further interest included fish ageing (mainly reading of the otoliths). 


Experiences in last 5 years:

Participation in many national projects (acoustical estimation of fish stock abundance and biomass of reservoir Rimov, Lipno, Orlik, Zlutice, Lucina, Klicava etc.).

Participation in international projects :

- in 2006 acoustical estimation of fish abundance and biomass in Lake Neusiedler  and  in 2009 acoustical observation o whitefish behavior in Lake Hallstatter (Austria)

- in 2009 – Lake Werbellin (Germany) – acoustical estimate of whitefish population

- in 2009 – Spain – consultant for experimental and for acoustical survey of reservoirs Ebro and Aracena)



- 2008 and 2009- project with Hungary acoustical observation of fish stock in Lake Balaton , consultation of data processing

- 2011- starting of the project   technical-scientific cooperation with Austria, establishing the relationship between fish size and acoustic target strength for ecological studies of lakes and reservoirs: Modifications required for new species (whitefish, Coregonus lavaretus) and new frequencies (38 kHz)


Other experiences:

- in 2001, 10 months stay in Fisheries Research Laboratory, US Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision, Florida, USA

- in 1999 participating  in Europe Union project Fishstrat in Asia


Author and coauthor of 25 publications with IF and 1 book chapter, 124 citations, H-index 8.