Freshwater sport fish management and enhancement

Project No. 2010-001577

Applicants: J. Wesley Neal, Robert Kroger, Craig G. Lilyestrom

Financial support: Puerto Rico department of Natural and Environmental Resource

Duration: 2009-2014

Subcontract: Threadfin shad prey production in tropical reservoirs

Subcontract number: 080300-341539-01

Subcontractor: RNDr. Marie Prchalová, PhD.

Subcontract duration: 2009-2011

Much of the research and management decisions for largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides in Puerto Rico have been based on the assumption that prey availability is not limiting, yet conclusive data to this end are not available. Threadfin shad are the primary prey species for sport fish in Puerto Rico reservoirs, yet directed research has never effectively quantified threadfin shad abundance or annual production. Threadfin shad appear to reproduce year-round, but the extent of reproduction in not known. Whereas effective largemouth bass management requires consideration of both predator and prey, improved understanding of prey population dynamics is required for reservoirs in Puerto Rico. The subcontract comprises two jobs - comparison of active versus passive gears for sampling threadfin shad in Puerto Rican reservoirs and population dynamics of threadfin shad in Puerto Rico.