Centre for Ecological Potential of Fish Communities in Reservoirs and Lakes (CEKOPOT)

Project No. CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0204

Applicants: As./Prof. Josef Matěna, PhD., Prof. Jan Kubečka, PhD.

Financial support: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic administrate the support provided from EU funds

Duration: 2012–2015

Fish communities in reservoirs and lakes are highly valuable from genetic, ecological and economical point of view. They have also substantial influence on the water quality in these ecosystems. The project enables support of a top quality team for the synthesis of functions mentioned above and for the definition of ecological potential of fish communities. We assume improvement and widening of methods presently used and investigation of fish stock of the most important and interesting reservoirs in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the Czech activities will be interconnected with European initiatives in order to publicize the huge effort of the Czech limnological school for explaining the true picture of the fish communities and their role in the ecosystem. The complex specification of the ecological potential (faunistic, fish-productive and biomanipulative value, equilibrium of the population dynamics a trophic interactions) will be possible by enhancement of inland human resources, support of external stays on top institutions, integration into European structures and close cooperation with an external expert. The engagement of a top expert in the field of hydroacoustics As./Prof. Helge Balk from Norway enables the improvement of methods especially the data collection in shallow water layers (0-5 m).

A new methodological approach have been planned – the analysis of stable isotopes in fish which should help us to clarify the role of particular species and its ontogentical stage in the food webs of ecosystems studied.

In the framework of the project a field course and one world conference dealing with the function of fish in the reservoir ecosystem will be organized.

The outputs of the project will be as follows: i) final establishment and stabilization of the working group FISHECU, ii) involvement of the Czech Republic into the European intercalibration net (JRC-EEWAI intercalibration forum, Lake-Fish Intercalibration Group LFIG), iii) production of scientific papers, iv) external stays of our scientists and students oriented on hydroacoustics and methods of stable isotopes studies.

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