Calibration of sampling methods for Spanish fish populations in reservoirs

Project No.

Applicant: As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, PhD.

Project partners: ECOHYDROS, S.L., Spain, Department of Ecology of the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Duration: 2009-2010

The project is aimed at improvement of ecological potential of Spanish reservoirs and enhancement of fisheries management by improving the methods of assessment of qualitative and quantitative composition of the fish stock. The project includes introduction of active methods of monitoring, namely new hydroacoustic and trawling approaches. Active methods should mitigate the main weaknesses of the current monitoring based predominantly on passive methods. Managing of the use of active trawling gear for fish capture would represent the revolution both in monitoring and the management of reservoirs. The project follows the philosophy of the EC water framework directive 2000/60/EC and promises to create new fish monitoring methodology and to bring new crucial knowledge to the methods of fish capture in general.