Hydroacoustical distinguishing between fish and bubbles, and quantification of methane bubble ebullition in freshwater reservoirs of temperate zone

Project no: P504/12/1186

Applicant: Ing. Jaroslava Frouzová, PhD.

Co-applicant :  Ing. Petr Stanovský,  Ph.D., Department of Multiphase Reactors, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the ASCR, v. v. i.

Financial support: Czech Science Foundation

Duration: 2012-2015

The acoustic parameters of rising methane bubbles will be measured by echosounders at different frequencies at man-made bubbles. The special algorithms using multi-frequency record will be developed to distinguish the bubble echoes from the fish echoes having the same acoustic size. The obtained method will be used to estimate of fish abundance and biomass more accurately. Further, the model describing the bubble rise and dissolution in will be modified for freshwater lakes. The relation between bubble volume and acoustic echoes from experiments with m an-made bubbles will be used to gain more exact data about the amount of the methane bubbles ebullated from the chosen reservoirs in temperate zone. The spatiotemporal changes in their productions will be monitored also. At the end, the research should enlighten the correlation of the quantity and quality of ebullated methane bubbles with the environmental conditions.