Biomanipulace jako nástroj zlepšení kvality vody nádrží - Prof. Jan Kubečka and Dr. Tomáš Jůza, 2018-2022

Fish pheromone role in timing and synchronization of reproduction - MSc. Marek Šmejkal, 2017

Co-creating a decision support framework to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under climate change (ClimeFish)Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2016-2020

Changes in fis h isotopic signals: linking land use and reservoir food webs - MSc. Mojmír Vašek, Ph.D., 2015-2017

Monitoring of cryptic species having indicative value using harmless sam pling methods - MSc. Petr Blabolil, 2015-2016

Structuring effect of subme rged macrophytes on trophic relationships and distr ibution of fish in deep lakes (MacFish) - RNDr. Jiří Peterka, Ph.D., Karl Oystein Gjelland, Ph.D., 2014-2017

 Hydroacoustical distinguishing between fish and bubbles, and quantification of methane bubble ebullition in freshwater reservoirs of temperate zone - Ing. Jaroslava Frouzová, Ph.D., 2012-2015

Centre for Ecological Potenti al of Fish Communities in Reservoirs and Lakes (CEKOPOT)  - As. Prof. Josef Matěna, Ph.D., Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2012-2015

Get out! she signalized:  sex segregation of freshwat er fish - RNDr. Marie Prchalová, Ph.D., 2012-2014

Threadfin shad prey production in tropical reservoirs - RNDr. Marie Prchalová, Ph.D., 2009-2011

Predator avoidance strategies in early life stages of percid fishes - RNDr. Martin Čech, Ph.D., 2009-2011

Calibration of sampling methods for Spanish fish populations in reservoirs - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2009-2010

Estimation of fish yield potential in lakes, fish assessment in Lake Werbellinsee - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2009-2010

Monitoring the environment of man-made lakes: what can fisheries data and models tell us? - MSc. David Boukal, Ph.D., As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2009-2010

Optimalisation of the biomanipulative effect of predatory fish in ecosystems of water reservoirs - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2008-2012

Monitoring of the fish stock of Czech reservoirs - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2008-2010

Effect of food quantity and quality on the reverse in competitive success between 0+ perch and roach - RNDr. Jiří Peterka, Ph.D., 2008-2010

Fish stock assessment in the BIESBOSCH reservoirs, The Netherlands - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2008-2009

Horizontal acoustic surveys and fish behaviour in the open water - As./Prof. Jan Kubečka, Ph.D., 2007-2010

Habitats´ preferences and feeding patterns of littoral 0+ fish assemblages - MSc. Michal Kratochvíl, 2007

Patterns and reasons of different pelagic behaviour of perch fry: novel insight into the declared ecological plasticity of a species - RNDr. Martin Čech, Ph.D., 2006-2008

Seasonal dynamics of food consumption, growth and production of 0+ fish and their impact on zooplankton in a reservoir with trophic gradient - MSc. Mojmír Vašek, Ph.D., 2006-2008